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XABO 890 Structural Steel Plates, S890ql Steel Plates, TStE890V Steel Plates Distributor, ISO4952 E890 Sheets Stockist in Mumbai, India, DILLIMAX S890QL Plates Stockholder.

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S890QL Structural Steel Plates have occupied the construction industry by their high yield strength to hold together structures for centuries. Conquest Steel and Alloys are distributors of XABO 890 Structural Steel Plates, one of the strongest Steel plates known for being resourceful, adaptable and cost-efficient.

What is S890QL Structural Steel Plates ?

Also known as DILLIMAX S890QL, Structural Steel plates are renowned for their high yield strength of 890 Mpa. They fall under the quenched & tempered Structural Steel Plates category, commonly referred to as EN 10025.

Why Choose Our S890QL Structural Steel Plates ?

Compliant with international standards, S890QL High Yield Steel Plates possess excellent welding and forming abilities. Not only do TStE890V Steel Plates offer greater flexibility regarding demolition and rebuilding, but they also enhance the lifespan of a structure.

Characteristics of S890QL Structural Steel Plates ?

1.Mammoth Strength

Suppliers of AFNOR E890TFP High Tensile plates, ranking high in overall tenacity and impact-bearing strength. S890QL series includes High Yield Steel Plates made from combinations like Carbon-Steel, Carbon-Manganese Steel, High strength-low alloy Steel, High strength, tempered and quenched Low Alloy Steel, etc. The alloying agents bolster humungous vigour in each plate, harnessing maximum profit. Consequently, taut Steel plates easily endure mighty impact collisions, standing strong in rain, storm and sun.

2. Accelerate Construction Speed
Unlike cement, which ultimately requires a few weeks to set after being poured, NF A36-204 S890T Steel Plates can be used as soon as they are conveyed to the construction site. The Steel plates can be quickly fabricated, catalyzing the speed of construction.

3. Beneficial in High-Stress Industries
No compromise on quality makes us the leading stockists of ISO4952 E890 High-Strength Quenched and Tempered Steel Plates, ready to take on the world. Manufactured from the purest Steel combined with alloys enable, S890QL Steel plates have a lighter body weight, creating equally light superstructures and benefitting constant machining in severe applications.

4. Ductile and Versatile
Their colossal frames, JFE HITEN 780LE High Strength Plates, are malleable without being fragile. Such Steel can display up to four times the power of ordinary structural Steel, directing low steel usage, and cost-saving for contractors and clients. Similarly, its elasticity aids architects in building exquisitely multipurpose, aesthetic and grand structures.

S890QL Structural Steel Plate Specification :

Thickness : 3/16” (5mm) to 4” (100mm)
Width : 1500 - 3500mm
Length : 3000 - 18000mm
Grade : S890QL EN10025-6:2004, DILLIMAX 890, WELDOX 900, S890QL, E890, JFE HITEN 980, ALFORM 900

Properties of S890QL Structural Steel Plate

  • S890ql Steel Equivalent
  • Mechanical Properties
GRADE 1.8983    
 C  Si  Mn  P  S  B  Cr  Cu  Mo
 0.20  0.80  1.70  0.020  0.010 0.005   1.50  0.50 0.70 
 N  Nb*  Ni  Ti*  V*  Zr*      
 0.015  0.06  2.0  0.05 0.12   0.15      
Plate Thickness Yield Strength Tensile Strength Elongation Impact Strength
mm ReH (MPa)  Rm (MPa) A5 % minimum  J, Minimum
3 to 50 890  940 - 1100 11 30 @ -40º C
> 50 to 100 830 880 - 1100 11 30 @ -40º C


Grade Sample Orientation @ 0°C @-20°C @-40°C @-60°C
S890 QL Longitudinal 50 J 40 J 30 J ––
Traverse 35 J 30 J 27 J ––
Application of our S890QL Structural Steel Plates

•    Constructing Skyscrapers and towers; crane booms involve heavy use of EN 10025-6 S890QL1 High Yield Quenched and Tempered Steel Plates as their light yet rigid frames suit high-rise buildings. They render not only huge load bearing capacity but also resistance to shock and vibration.

•    The exceptional strength-to-weight ratio of our TStE890V High Strength Low Alloy Steel Plates helps to build bridges and sea-links, dependable for load bearing. Their solid bodies bear heavy trucks and cars atop the bridge. Trailers, agricultural, mining and earth moving equipment too are made of WELDOX 900 Steel Plates.

•    Railway stations and tracks, Metro terminals and aircraft hangars use I – beams, moulded of Alloy Quenched Tempered Steel MAXIL 890 Plates, habitual of sheer manoeuvring force.

Conquest Steel and Alloys Also Distribute Other Types of S890QL Structural Steel Plate Namely :

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As AFNOR E890T Steel plate stockholders and exporters, we supply, export our S890QL High Yield Structural Steel Plates to small and big businesses worldwide, with the intention to value add to their creations.

S890QL Structural Steel Plate We Supply Globally :

We Supply Our S890QL Structural Steel Plates to various countries like Chile, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Oman, Ghana, Bulgaria, Puerto Rico, Bahrain, Egypt, Tibet, Austria, Costa Rica, Netherlands, Chile, Iran, Canada, Croatia, Poland, France, Czech Republic, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Gambia, Estonia, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Japan, Bolivia, Israel, Peru, Slovakia, Taiwan, Ukraine, Poland, Zimbabwe, Macau, Morocco, Gabon, Thailand, Venezuela, Argentina, Germany, Angola, Malaysia, Hungary, India, United Kingdom, Ecuador, Kenya, Nigeria, Norway, Mongolia, Trinidad & Tobago,Tunisia, Mexico, Jordan, Philippines, Qatar, China, Nigeria, Finland, Belarus, Italy, United States, Libya, Portugal, New Zealand, Sweden, Australia, Singapore, Russia, Switzerland, Ireland, Colombia, Hong Kong, Belgium, South Africa, Greece, Nepal, Algeria, Afghanistan, Mexico, Yemen, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Turkey, Lithuania, Denmark, Serbia, Vietnam, South Korea, Namibia, Spain, Ira.

S890QL Structural Steel Plate We Supply Worldwide :

We Supply Our S890QL Structural Steel Plates to various cities like Faridabad, Ludhiana, Courbevoie, Bogota, Caracas, Vung Tau, Jakarta, Abu Dhabi, Tehran, Montreal, Toronto, Bangkok, Thiruvananthapuram, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Milan, Thane, Nagpur, Nashik, Doha, Rajkot, La Victoria, Riyadh, London, Muscat, Sharjah, Dallas, Navi Mumbai, Bengaluru, Baroda, Santiago, Calgary, Mumbai, Bhopal, Ulsan, Al Jubail, Jaipur, Vadodara, Dammam, Algiers, Surat, Gimhae-si, Ranchi, Kolkata, New York, Dubai, Gurgaon, Cairo, Haryana, Ahmedabad, Ankara, Jeddah, Madrid, Chandigarh, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Aberdeen, Ahvaz, Hanoi, Lagos, Coimbatore, Sydney, Karachi, Chennai, Manama, Howrah, Secunderabad, Houston, Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul, Melbourne, Brisbane, Moscow, Pune, Jamshedpur, Lahore, Atyrau, Port-of-Spain, Ernakulam, Edmonton, Granada, Chiyoda, Noida, Ho Chi Minh City, Petaling Jaya, Visakhapatnam, Singapore, Hyderabad, Indore, Al Khobar, New Delhi, Perth, Kanpur, Kuala Lumpur, Colombo, Kuwait City, Los Angeles, Busan, Seoul, Geoje-si.