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ASTM A204 Grade A Alloy Steel Plate, ASTM A 204 Grade B Steel Plate Distributor, EN 10028 13CrMoSi5-5 Sheets Exporter, Pressure Vessel Plates, DIN 15 Mo3, Chrome Moly Plates, Chrome Molybdenum Steel Plates, ASTM A 204 Grade C Plate Stockist in Mumbai, India.

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Conquest Steel & Alloys are exporters of ASTM A 204 Alloy Steel Plates, procured from certified manufacturers, precision made to meet every industry’s expectations, exporting to engineering, power plants, chemical and oil & gas industries. Fully killed JIS STBA12 Alloy Steel Plates avoid oxidation and give better weldability qualities. They are supplied as either normalized or rolled Alloy Steel sheets/ plates.

What is ASTM A204 Alloy Steel Plate ?

As stockholders and distributors of ISO F26 Alloy Steel Plates, we extend our quality product as a value-adding component to industries in need of versatile, robust and ductile Alloy steel plates.

We ace at supplying adaptable ASTM A204 GRADE A Alloy Steel plates, owning the following characteristics :

1. High Temperature Resistant Body

BS 243 Alloy Steel plates are unaffected by high temperatures due to their Molybdenum content, creating rock-like bodies. Combustible industries involve high-temperature procedures, where assemblies made from cheap steel can wither away. Alloy Steel sheets mould parts that remain hard enough to promote processes at elevated temperatures.

2. High Strength & Efficiency

A tensile strength of 65-85 ksi is what gives ASME SA A204 Alloy Steel Plates its identity: the strong potential of being a High Tensile Alloy Steel plate. Annealing, normalizing and tempering creates less brittle, more load bearing plates, steering clear of rust and pitting.

3. Flawless finish

As suppliers, we furnish EN 10028 16 Mo3 Alloy Steel plates that have excellent surface finishing. The normalizing process reduces the grain sizes, giving clean, even plate surfaces. Their uniform, sleek bodies allow continual flow process, without shocks at bends and also extend an aesthetic look.

4. Longer life span

Alloy Steel Plates are robust, recyclable, and have enhanced surface quality. A balance between both Steel and chromium forms DIN 15 Mo3 Alloy Steel plates imperious to oxidation and erosion, with brittle-free hardenability from Steel and Chromium. They don't age or decay, are anti-corrosion and have excellent thermal and heat conductivity. All these factors prove Alloy Steel Coils, Sheets and plates to have a long life, sustainable and viable choice.

ASTM A204 Alloy Steel Plate Specification :

Thickness : 5 mm to 150mm
Width : 1500mm to 2500mm
Length : 6000mm to 12,000mm
Grade : A, B, C

Properties of ASTM A204 Alloy Steel Plates

  • Equivalent CET(CEV)
  • Mechanical Properties

STANDARDS 16Mo3 A 204 A / B / C SA 204 A / B / C 15Mo3
STBA12 15D3 1503-243B

STANDARDS 16Mo3 2912 16M 15020 15Mo3KW F26

Grades C
Si Cr Cu Mo
A204 A 0.18 0.90 0.035 0.035 0.15-0.40 - - -
A204 B 0.20 0.90 0.035 0.035 0.15-0.40 - - -
A204 C 0.23 0.90 0.035 0.035 0.15-0.40 - - -

GRADE Tensile strength
Yield strength [MPa] Elongation in
100-150mm (%)
Elongation in
16mm (%)
Maximun thickness
A204 A 450-585 255 19 23 150
A204 B 485-620 275 17 21 150
A204 C 515-655 295 16 20 100

Besides, this welding-friendly ASTM A204 GRADE B Alloy Steel Plates simplify and speed up the following operations

•    Industrial boilers, pressure vessels are made from Low Alloy Steel plates like ISOP26 Alloy Steel plates; containing Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum, they promote heat dissipation not amounting to deformation in their hard surfaces.

•    ASME SA A204 C Alloy Steel plates are instrumental in building rust free ship hulls and submarines; they are made from fully killed steel, devoid of oxidation, with chromium adding a dash of corrosion proofing from constant contact with sea waters.

•    Ducting and pipe works, Rail and metal fabricators, automotive and aerospace fabrication, etc. require being hard as nails, with BS 1503-243B Alloy Steel plates providing them with that quality.

•    Refining and Oil, and Coal and LNG Transportation pipeline networks are erected using ISO TS 26 Alloy Steel plates that manage long distance conveyance of slurries, gases and inflammable oils through their flushed surfaces, working efficiently at elevated temperatures.

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ASTM A204 Alloy Steel Plate We Supply Globally :

We Supply Our A204 Alloy Steel Plates to various countries like Colombia, Poland, South Africa, Qatar, Nigeria, Croatia, Singapore, Italy, Lebanon, Namibia, Nigeria, Netherlands, Greece, Kuwait, Belarus, Poland, Chile, Mexico, Iran, Puerto Rico, Oman, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, India, New Zealand, Norway, Belgium, Argentina, Bhutan, Germany, Azerbaijan, Costa Rica, France, Malaysia, Chile, Sweden, Ireland, Philippines, Finland, Kenya, Slovakia, Hong Kong, Tibet, Estonia, Denmark, Portugal, Australia, Zimbabwe, Iran, Taiwan, Israel, Kazakhstan, United States, Spain, Ecuador, Ukraine, Switzerland, Hungary, Egypt, Venezuela, Bolivia, Pakistan, Trinidad & Tobago,Tunisia, Austria, South Korea, Mongolia, Morocco, Japan, Turkey, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Yemen, Libya, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Gambia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Nepal, Bahrain, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ghana, China, Canada, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Serbia, Algeria, Russia, Brazil, Macau, Angola, Romania, Mexico, Gabon.

ASTM A204 Alloy Steel Plate We Supply Worldwide :

We Supply Our A204 Alloy Steel Plates to various cities like Gurgaon, Dubai, Ulsan, Istanbul, Geoje-si, Jamshedpur, Courbevoie, Kuala Lumpur, Perth, Jaipur, Doha, Petaling Jaya, Toronto, Karachi, Milan, Seoul, Aberdeen, Dammam, Faridabad, Nagpur, Sydney, Santiago, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Atyrau, Al Khobar, Bhopal, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Mumbai, Lagos, Port-of-Spain, Jakarta, Edmonton, Ludhiana, Houston, Gimhae-si, Thane, Caracas, Baroda, Moscow, Chennai, Pune, Ernakulam, Howrah, Mexico City, Haryana, Dallas, Rajkot, La Victoria, Kolkata, Kuwait City, Navi Mumbai, Granada, Thiruvananthapuram, Montreal, Indore, Rio de Janeiro, Bengaluru, Kanpur, Ho Chi Minh City, Secunderabad, Hong Kong, Muscat, London, Colombo, Vadodara, Busan, Lahore, Ankara, New York, Nashik, Calgary, Los Angeles, Al Jubail, Visakhapatnam, Ranchi, Jeddah, Noida, Bogota, Vung Tau, Bangkok, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Madrid, Cairo, Surat, Brisbane, Riyadh, Chandigarh, New Delhi, Sharjah, Manama, Melbourne, Ahvaz, Algiers, Chiyoda, Hyderabad, Hanoi, Tehran.