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Conquest Steel and Alloys is a mega stockholder of an extensive range of first–in–class wear and abrasion-resistant steel plates. We are suppliers of AR (ABRASION RESISTANT) 450, the Steel plate having supremacy regarding brute strength, resistance to any contusions and can withstand the ravages of time.

What is ABRASION RESISTANT 450 Steel Pate?

ABRASION RESISTANT Steel is a wear and tear Steel. AR 450 Steel Plates are extremely tight and manufactured in style to sustain substantial rigour. A unique combination of strength and durability, we offer you our AR 450 Steel plates, commonly known as ABREX 450 and SWEBOR 450, specially designed as per your industry demands.

AR 450, also known as Abrasion Resistant 450, ABREX 450 and XAR 450, comes in different grades; its size is adjustable to a customised dimension, making it extremely useful.

What we offer :


We offer the most superior quality, leading-edge wear-resistant AR 450 Steel plate, with variants like SUMIHARD 450, ROCKSTAR 450 and RAEX 450. We offer the most superior quality, leading-edge wear-resistant AR 450 Steel plate, with variants like SUMIHARD 450, ROCKSTAR 450 and RAEX 450.

Salient Characteristics of our ABRASION RESISTANT 450 Wear Plates :

1. Extended wear life

Our AR 450 Steel plates not only provide defence against dents and damages but also expand the lifespan of the structure built using it. With an extra 50 Brinell of added hardness, its capacity to deter crack and evenly slice up the collision impact from a stony object raises its wear life by 50% more than ordinary Steel. Eventually, the overall uptime, i.e. the operation period of a machine built with FORA 450 Steel plates, increases as a whole.

2. Reduced downtime for maintenance

As DUROSTAT 450 and DILLIDUR 450V wear plates, types of AR 450 Steel plates are boosted with added toughness against absolute wear. They need minimal downtime for maintenance. Sequentially it proceeds in less breakdown of machinery, smooth functioning of all parts and excessive production.

3. Small lifespan cost

Abrasion Resistant wear plates like NICRODUR 450, ABRAZO 450 and BRINAR 450 are rugged, grain – refined and have high impact properties; they prolong the life cycle of an assembly twice and scarcely require upkeep. All this sums up to warding off the expenses on repair and inspection of these wear plates, saving capital and labour as well.

4. More payload and Profitability

A sole factor of AR 450 steel plates, Rockstar 450, HBW 450 and HB 450, is that they are drastically lightweight, allowing them to contain extra load capacitors. For E.g. a truck built from XAR 450 or AR 450 Steel plates will derive additional payload, with an increased profit arising from increased ferries.

5. High weldability and fabrication friendly

The chief advantage of CREUSABRO 8000, JFE EH400 LE and 450 BHN wear plates is their ability to be bent and welded with great comfort. Though they are immensely durable and hard, they are flexible too, to be bent and cut into several dimensions and shapes. They are welded with many methods, permitting fabrication to add value to the finished product.

ABRASION RESISTANT 450 Plate Specification :

Thickness : 5mm to 150mm
Width : 1,500mm to 2,500mm
Length : 6,000mm to 12,000mm
Heat Treatment : N, Q+T
Surface Paint : EP, PE, HDP, SMP, PVDF
Material : ABREX 450 Plate, Abrasion Resistant 450 Plate, SUMIHARD k450 Steel Plate, DILLIDUR 450V Steel Plate, Essar Rockstar 450 Abrasion Resistant Steel Plates.

Properties of Abrasion Resistant 450 Plates

  • Equivalent CET(CEV)
  • Mechanical Properties
Thickness mm -5  5 - (10) 10 - (20) 20 - (40) 40 - 80 (80) - 130
CET (CEV) Max 0.37 (0.48)  0.38 (0.49) 0.39 (0.52)  0.41 (0.60) 0.43 (0.74) 0.41 (0.67)
 CET (CEV) Typical  0.29 (0.39) 0.33 (0.45) 0.36 (0.48) 0.38(0.56) 0.38 (0.61) 0.39 (0.64)
 C *)  Si *) Mn *) P S Cr *) Ni *) Mo *) B *)
Max % Max % Max % Max % Max % Max % Max % Max % Max %
0.26 0.7 1.6 0.025 0.01 1.40 1.50 0.6 0.005
Thickness  Hardness HBW Typical yield strength MPa,
mm min - max 1) not guaranteed
3 - 80 425 - 475 1100 - 1300
(80) - 100 410 - 475 1050 - 1300
(100) - 130 390 - 475 1000 - 1300

Brinell hardness, HBW, according to EN ISO 6506-1, on a milled surface 0.5 – 3 mm below surface. At least one test specimen per heat and 40 tons. The nominal material thickness will not deviate more than ± 15 mm from that of the test specimen.

Impact Properties of Abrasion Resistant ABREX 450 Plates

Impact properties  450 BHN    450BHN Tuf  Transverse test,   guaranteed Longitudinal test, typical
  Impact energy (J)  – 27 J/-20degree c 50J/-40degree c
Charpy V 10x10 mm test specimen 2)      

For thicknesses between 6 - 11.9 mm, sub-size Charpy V-specimens are used. The specifi ed minimum value is then proportional to the cross-sectional area of the test specimen, compared to a full-size specimen (10 x 10 mm). Impact testing according to ISO EN 148 per heat and thickness group. Average of three tests. Single value minimum 70% of specifi ed average. Impact testing is performed on thicknesses ≥ 6 mm.


The cold bending process produces Abrasion Resistant 450 Steel plates like JFE EH400 and ABRAZO 450, having a nominal hardness of 450 HBW, facilitating their use in many applications.

1)   Recycling process comprises of segregation of waste materials, demanding the recycling equipment to be very tough. Our ARMOUR 450, SAILMA 450 and CREUSABRO 450 wear resistant Steel plates are perfect for bulldozer blades, to stay productive in the recycling business.

2)   Machines like trucks, bulldozers, crawler excavators, motor graders, etc. are commonly used in road – building. While constructing a road, these appliances face sliding wear and impact wear, requiring them to be made of Abrasion Resistant Steel Plates like ABREX 450 and SUMIHARD 450 as they are accustomed to bear the abuse from gravel and rocks.

3)   Container trucks, cement mixers, mobile cranes, log carriers, etc. are classified as heavy duty trucks, carrying massive loads. AR 450 Steel plates equip trucks with lightly – weighing bodies to carry extra cargo and ferry frequently.

4)   Equipment and assemblies in industries like the refinery, aerospace, chemical, etc. use AR 450 materials, as they are more reliable, sturdy, have unique uptime and wear performance.

Conquest Steel and Alloys Also Distribute Other Types of AR 450 Namely :

Wear Resistant Steel 450, ABREX 450, SUMIHARD 450, RAEX 450, FORA 450, NICRODUR 450, ABRAZO 450, DUROSTAT 450, DILLIDUR 450V, BRINAR 450, AR 450, HBW 450, HBW 450, 450 BHN, JFE EH400, XAR 450, HB 450, CREUSABRO 8000, SWEBOR 450, SUMIHARD K-450, ABRAZO 450, RAEX 450, DILLIDUR 450V, XAR 450, BRINAR 450, FORA 450, NICRODUR 450, CREUSABRO 8000, WELHARD 450, SWEBOR 450, BIS PLATE 450, ROCKSTAR 450, ALGO TUF 450F, ABREX 450, WEARALLOY 450 Based in Mumbai, India, We, at Conquest Steel and Alloys, are driven to achieve the quality that is paramount, thereby confirming that our AR 450 Steel plates are composed of top quality Steel, accompanied by ultra-modern production patterns. Our recognition lies as the quality stockist and exporter located in India, supplying our commendable goods PAN India and exporting them to global markets.

Distributors of custom - built and shipped Abrasion resistant and wear resistant steel plates; we dispatch them under varied styles, with abrasions not contracting their flexible nature.


Brand Manufacture/Co Country HARDNESS RANGE
Values for BHN450
Abrasion Resistant 450 - Sweden 425-475
NM 450 - Sweden 425-475
ROCKHARD 450 - Sweden 425-475
QUARD 450 DUFERCO Belgium  
RAEX 450 RUUKKI Finland 420-500
XAR 450 THYSSEN KRUPP Germany 425-477
FORA 450 INDUSTEEL Belgium 410-490
CREUSABRO 8000 INDUSTEEL Belgium 430-500
BIS Plate 450 Bisalloy Steels Pty Ltd Austrelia 425-475
Rockstar 450 Essar Steel India Ltd. India 425-475
Algo Tuf 450F Essar Steel India Ltd. India 410-477
Abrex 450 NSSMC Japan 410-490
Wearalloy 450 Ford steel USA 444-475
Hardwear 450F Arcelor Mittal Luxembourg 429-495
Abrasion Resistant ABREX 450 Plates We Supply Globally :

We Supply Our Abrasion Resistant 450 Plates to various countries like Turkey, Poland, Zimbabwe, Singapore, Iran, Portugal, Trinidad & Tobago,Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Finland, Nigeria, Gabon, Nigeria, Egypt, Serbia, Angola, United States, New Zealand, Jordan, United Kingdom, Slovakia, France, Iran, South Korea, Malaysia, Ireland, Chile, Austria, Israel, Hungary, Greece, Poland, Sweden, Brazil, Switzerland, Croatia, Estonia, Morocco, Hong Kong, Spain, Taiwan, Russia, Mexico, Afghanistan, Ecuador, Kuwait, Romania, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Oman, Belgium, Canada, Mongolia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Libya, China, Belarus, Lebanon, Bhutan, Lithuania, Venezuela, Japan, Tibet, Netherlands, Costa Rica, Kenya, Azerbaijan, Australia, Pakistan, Colombia, Indonesia, Philippines, Bahrain, Argentina, Ghana, Namibia, Iraq, Czech Republic, Macau, Ukraine, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Chile, Qatar, Mexico, Vietnam, Yemen, Bangladesh, Puerto Rico, Gambia, India, Peru, Nepal, Bolivia, Norway, Bulgaria.

Abrasion Resistant ABREX 450 Plates We Supply Worldwide :

We Supply Our Abrasion Resistant 450 Plates to various cities like Bengaluru, Brisbane, Sydney, Haryana, New Delhi, Riyadh, Ahmedabad, Rio de Janeiro, Karachi, Cairo, Los Angeles, Surat, Tehran, Istanbul, Kolkata, Caracas, Muscat, Edmonton, London, Thane, Bangkok, Baroda, Algiers, Rajkot, Busan, Kanpur, La Victoria, Santiago, Gurgaon, Petaling Jaya, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore, Colombo, Kuwait City, Dubai, Ernakulam, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Ranchi, Manama, Dallas, Montreal, Nashik, Navi Mumbai, Ludhiana, Nagpur, Port-of-Spain, Hong Kong, Houston, Gimhae-si, Jamshedpur, Calgary, Melbourne, Seoul, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Perth, Visakhapatnam, Madrid, Granada, Jaipur, Lahore, Vung Tau, Geoje-si, Aberdeen, Hanoi, Ankara, Jakarta, Coimbatore, Milan, New York, Chiyoda, Sharjah, Kuala Lumpur, Atyrau, Faridabad, Pune, Indore, Ahvaz, Chennai, Bhopal, Al Jubail, Howrah, Toronto, Mexico City, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Dammam, Moscow, Bogota, Vadodara, Noida, Ulsan, Al Khobar, Mumbai, Lagos, Thiruvananthapuram, Chandigarh, Courbevoie, Jeddah.