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Conquest steel & alloys is one of the leading suppliers of a higher quality product which includes variant types of plates and many more. Not only we are the prominent suppliers of different products but we are also one of the renowned exporters, traders, manufacturers, and wholesalers of a very popular product known as Abrasion Resistant 600 plates. All of our products are supplied and designed as per the nationals and international standards. Plates are the most commonly used products in several big and small industrial applications where the temperatures range from high to low or low to high. In addition to this, our plates are also provided in different shapes, sizes, dimensions, designations, thickness, specifications, standards, ranges, alloys, grades, etc. But above all our Wear Resistant Steel 600 High Strength Steel Plates is the most demanded product in the global as well as the domestic market today and for many years now because of its amazing alloy properties.

The alloy Wear Resistant Steel 600 makes the plates the high quality product because it exhibits several features such as wear-resistance properties, higher mechanical as well as chemical properties, etc. In addition to this, it is also antioxidant in nature and it is an alloy that has uniquely higher impact toughness. Thus it is widely suited for the extreme wear conditions, and it can easily cut and welded so the variations in the alloy are easily possible. It is the optimum choice for higher performance applications such as petrochemical industries. Other properties that are possessed b these wonderful products are higher tensile strength, higher-yielding strength, higher mechanical strength, etc. The resistance properties of this product include it is resistant to chloride stress cracking corrosion, pitting and crevice resistance, oxidation resistance, etc. Additionally, it is also very reliable, durable, easy to install, easy to fabricate, offers good formability, enhances impact strength, and many more.

To ensure the quality of the product we at conquest steel & alloys conduct several testing and some of the common testings are a macro test, destructive test, hardness test, pmi test, non-destructive test, toughness test, etc. The application industries where our Abrasion Resistant 600 Wear Plates are used are pulp and paper industry, offshore industry, chemical industry, etc.

Abrasion Resistant 600 Plate Specification :

Item : Abrasion Resistant Plate
Thickness : 8 - 65 mm
Width : Up to 2900 mm
Length : Up to 14630 mm
Heat Treatment : N, Q+T
Surface Paint : EP, PE, HDP, SMP, PVDF
Production : Hot-Rolled (HR) / Cold-Rolled (CR)
Material : Abrasion Resistant 600, HB 600 Steel Plate, Abrasion Resistant 600 Abrasion Resistant Steel Plates, Abrasion Resistant 600 Wear Resistant Plates

Abrasion Resistant 600 Plates Equivalent Grades

Thickness (mm) 8.00 - 24.99 25.00 - 65.00
Max CET(CEV) 0.58 (0.76) 0.61 (0.87)

Abrasion Resistant 600 Plates Chemical Composition

Plate Thickness C Si Mn P S Cr Ni Mo B CEV CET
mm Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max ppm typical typical
8 – 30 0.45 0.70 1.00 0.015 0.010 1.2 2.0 0.80 0.004 0.73 0.55
30.1 – 50 0.47 0.70 1.00 0.015 0.010 1.2 2.0 0.80 0.004 0.84 0.59

Abrasion Resistant 600 Plates Mechanical Properties

Hardness [HBW], guarantee Impact toughness, typical 20 mm Yield strength Tensile strength, Elongation
570 - 640 20 J/-40°C (-40 F) 1650 N/mm2 2000 N/mm2 7 %

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Abrasion Resistant® 600 Plate We Supply Globally :

We Supply Our Abrasion Resistant 600 Wear Plates to various countries like Ukraine, India, Egypt, Morocco, Bolivia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Austria, Taiwan, Belgium, Chile, Germany, South Korea, Lithuania, Turkey, Pakistan, Mexico, Australia, Ireland, Peru, Namibia, Azerbaijan, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Netherlands, Indonesia, Iran, Ghana, Poland, Kenya, China, Qatar, Israel, Sweden, Gambia, Afghanistan, Algeria, Gabon, Malaysia, Portugal, Lebanon, Jordan, Switzerland, Venezuela, Kuwait, Serbia, Mexico, Mongolia, Belarus, Poland, Canada, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Bahrain, Bhutan, Czech Republic, Nigeria, Angola, Romania, Ecuador, South Africa, Trinidad & Tobago, France, Macau, Hungary, Brazil, Norway, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Nigeria, Denmark, Tunisia, Colombia, Zimbabwe, Greece, United States, Italy, United Kingdom, Croatia, Singapore, Libya, Argentina, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Finland, Yemen, Iran, Vietnam, Chile, Slovakia, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Iraq, Estonia, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Nepal.

Abrasion Resistant 600 Plates We Supply Worldwide :

We Supply Our Abrasion Resistant 600 Steel Plate to various cities like Geoje-si, Thane, Manama, Ho Chi Minh City, Petaling Jaya, Ahmedabad, Los Angeles, Ankara, Montreal, Doha, Gimhae-si, Brisbane, Coimbatore, Thiruvananthapuram, Rio de Janeiro, Kuwait City, Colombo, Mumbai, Courbevoie, Vung Tau, Dubai, Bogota, Sharjah, Rajkot, London, Jakarta, Lagos, Chandigarh, Chiyoda, Haryana, Nagpur, Hong Kong, Edmonton, Seoul, Dallas, Pune, Milan, Moscow, Tehran, Abu Dhabi, Howrah, Ranchi, Perth, Riyadh, Toronto, Faridabad, Algiers, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Singapore, Granada, Hanoi, Atyrau, Cairo, Al Jubail, Noida, Surat, Istanbul, Ahvaz, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Vadodara, Caracas, Baroda, Jamshedpur, Muscat, Santiago, Al Khobar, Bhopal, Dammam, Aberdeen, Ludhiana, La Victoria, Indore, Visakhapatnam, Melbourne, Port-of-Spain, Chennai, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Nashik, Navi Mumbai, Jeddah, Karachi, Ulsan, Busan, Jaipur, Houston, Bengaluru, Kanpur, Mexico City, New York, Secunderabad, Madrid, Lahore, Calgary, Ernakulam, Bangkok, Hyderabad, Kolkata.

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