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Conquest Steels & Alloys is the unparalleled and the best exporters, manufacturers, and suppliers of the best quality of the ROCKHARD 400 PLATES. We make this product available in a wide range of variations in terms of its physical properties such as the shapes, sizes, grades, and specifications. We also make this product as per the custom demands of the customer in the variation of sizes and shapes that are defined by the customer. The ROCKHARD 400 Steel Plates are used in a wide range of industries due its excellent properties. The industries that make use of these plates include off shore industry, oil and gas industry, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, nuclear power plant industry, thermal industry, constructional industry, marine industry, sea water industry, ship building industry, and a large number of other industries as well.

It has excellent properties such as it being highly resistant to corrosion that happens due to the corrosive media such as acids and sea water. It can resist such environments with ease and does not get corroded easily. Furthermore it also resists various harmful conditions such as oxidation, reduction, etc. It also has the property of being welded and joined with ease. Due to this, it can be joined to any other equipment with ease and moreover, can be put in to a lot of uses as a result of this property. This also indicates that it has an excellent weldability and joining ability. It has other properties as well such as being very hard and rigid as its name is too rockhard. It has a rigid structure that does not break easily and this is due to the elements of alloys that are used for the manufacture of this product.

Furthermore, due to such a wide range of properties it is a highly demandable product in the industry and is put into various uses in the industries. With that in mind, we make sure that they are in compliance with all the national as well as international standards so that we can ensure that they are fit for the uses that it needs to serve to the industry. We also conduct a number of tests on this product as well.

ROCKHARD 400 Plate Specification :
Item: Abrasion Resistant Plate
Thickness : 6mm to 100mm
Length : 6,000mm to 12,000mm
Width : 1,500mm to 2,500mm
Production : Hot-Rolled (HR) / Cold-Rolled (CR)
Applications : concrete industry, metallurgy, fan industry, coal industry, mining machinery, construction machinery,etc.
Heat Treatment: N, Q+T
Material : ROCKHARD 400 Plates, ROCKHARD 400 Abrasion Resistant Steel Plates, ROCKHARD 400 Wear Resistant Plates

ROCKHARD 400 Plates Chemical Composition

Plate C Si Mn P S Cr Ni Mo B CEV CET
thickness mm max % max % max % max % max % max % max % max % max % typv typv
3- 6 0.15 0.70 1.60 0.025 0.01 0.50 0.25 0.25 0.004 0.41 0.28
3-(8) 0.15 0.70 1.60 0.025 0.01 0.30 0.25 0.25 0.004 0.33 0.23
8 - 20 0.15 0.70 1.60 0.025 0.01 0.50 0.25 0.25 0.004 0.37 0.27
(20)-32 0.18 0.70 1.60 0.025 0.01 1.00 0.25 0.25 0.004 0.48 0.29
(32)-45 0.22 0.70 1.60 0.025 0.01 1.40 0.50 0.60 0.004 0.57 0.31
(45)-51 0.22 0.70 1.60 0.025 0.01 1.40 0.50 0.60 0.004 0.57 0.38
(51)-80 0.27 0.70 1.60 0.025 0.01 1.40 1.00 0.60 0.004 0.65 0.41
(80)-130 0.32 0.70 1.60 0.025 0.01 1.40 1.50 0.60 0.004 0.73 0.48

ROCKHARD 400 Plates Mechanical Properties

Yield Strength Tensile Strength Brinell Hardness Elongation Reduction of Area
140,000 Psi 180,000 Psi 400BHN 15% 60%

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ROCKHARD 400 Plate We Supply Globally :

We Supply Our ROCKHARD 400 Wear Plates to various countries like Bolivia, Kuwait, Serbia, Kenya, Macau, Switzerland, Nepal, Poland, United States, Malaysia, Pakistan, Trinidad & Tobago, Netherlands, Bhutan, Gambia, Vietnam, Japan, Egypt, Germany, Estonia, Bangladesh, Lithuania, Afghanistan, Oman, Sweden, Chile, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Brazil, Angola, Italy, Kazakhstan, Taiwan, Tunisia, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Ecuador, Poland, South Korea, Gabon, Austria, Hong Kong, Azerbaijan, Denmark, Greece, Bahrain, Venezuela, Libya, Peru, Indonesia, Algeria, Lebanon, Romania, Colombia, Norway, Jordan, Qatar, Ghana, India, Hungary, Tibet, Singapore, Iran, Costa Rica, Croatia, Belgium, Yemen, Morocco, Australia, Spain, Philippines, Zimbabwe, Turkey, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Finland, France, Nigeria, South Africa, Mongolia, Russia, Chile, China, Belarus, Iraq, Canada, Iran, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Argentina, New Zealand, Namibia, Ireland, Israel.

ROCKHARD 400 Plates We Supply Worldwide :

We Supply Our ROCKHARD 400 Steel Plate to various cities like Chennai, Geoje-si, Doha, Jaipur, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Riyadh, Dammam, Caracas, Hong Kong, Ahmedabad, Brisbane, Kuala Lumpur, Vung Tau, Visakhapatnam, Kuwait City, Mexico City, Sydney, Ho Chi Minh City, Haryana, Baroda, Mumbai, Al Jubail, Calgary, Bhopal, Bogota, Rio de Janeiro, Sharjah, Chandigarh, Busan, Ernakulam, Kanpur, Toronto, New York, Milan, Noida, Kolkata, London, Secunderabad, Bangkok, Singapore, Granada, Lahore, Indore, Navi Mumbai, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Seoul, Ulsan, Howrah, Ranchi, Surat, Montreal, Santiago, Algiers, Courbevoie, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Madrid, Perth, Coimbatore, Ankara, Chiyoda, Muscat, Vadodara, Gimhae-si, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, Port-of-Spain, Tehran, Karachi, Aberdeen, Jamshedpur, Hanoi, Houston, Edmonton, Nashik, Dubai, Cairo, Faridabad, Rajkot, Jeddah, Dallas, Petaling Jaya, Lagos, Nagpur, Moscow, Al Khobar, Colombo, Jakarta, La Victoria, New Delhi, Ahvaz, Thiruvananthapuram, Bengaluru, Atyrau, Manama, Thane, Gurgaon, Pune.

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