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High tensile MIL A 46177 Sheet Plates Distributor, Ramor 440 Plate, MIL A 46177 Plate, EN 1522: B4 MIL A 46177 Sheet Plates, Ramor MIL A 46177 Plate Supplier in India.

2 Plate Stockist in Mumbai, India, STANAG 4569: 1, NIJ LEVEL III Plate, ARMOX ADVANCE Plate Dealer, RAMOR 300 MIL A 46177 Sheet Plates, MIL - A 46177 Sheets Exporter.

Conquest Steel & Alloys is a leading wholesaler vendor, merchant, and exporter of MIL - A46177 Plates. We also manufacture all the household stainless steel, high nickel alloys, and carbon steel.

A 46177 plate is an armor steel plate for the military specification. It is a heat-treated plate and useful for the armory with ballistic properties. MIL Plates are made with chemical composition such as copper, chromium, molybdenum, nickel, silicon, phosphorus, manganese, carbon, and sulfur. These plates are armor plates known basically in the fields of steels. These plates made with some of the mechanical properties such as tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, and impact toughness.

MIL - A46177 Plates are applicable in the military combats and for defense applications such as testing of the ammunition, protection from the explosives and landmines, and constructing the combat vehicles. These plates are also useful in various lightweight armory purposes with maximum resistance and protection to the ballistic threats like tactical combat vehicles armored municipal & government vehicles, armored cabs, armored cars, tanks, armored personnel carriers and many more. These plates are also useful for general purposes such as window frames, bank vaults, bank counters, doors, and walls.

MIL - A46177 Plates have excellent cold forming load applications. This plate offers minimum plate temperature with excellent grinding plate edges, lubricating from dies, conditioning with applying to the uniform bending plates. These plates have the original hardness level below 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

A46177 plate has maximum resistance from the penetration and resistance too shock. These plates are constructed with tempered armor heat and quenched treated. These plates are used in the light gauge application in military camps. These are specially designed for the ballistics resistance with nominal hardness and flatness tolerance. These plates are cut with the thermal methods such as plasma, oxyfuel, and laser cutting methods withy the minimum temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

MIL - A46177 Plates have amazing cold forming techniques because of the enhanced chemical and mechanical properties. These plates have easy conventional welding treatment. The main benefits of this material are it is the combination of strength and hardness with minimum weight. This plate offers dimensional precision and high value of the Brinell hardness.

Our RAMOR 300 MIL A 46177 Sheet Plates render the following Advantages :

1. Good ballistic resistance

Their other properties include them being highly quenched and tempered because they undergo these processes. The process of quick heating and the sudden cooling makes sure that the plates formed are fine-grained that have no internal stress included.

2. Weldability

Furthermore, the products that we manufacture are in compliance with all the industrial standards and which are both national and international and also they are tested well after manufacturing.

3. Quenched and Tempered

MIL A 46177 Plate Specification :

Heavy Plates 6.0 – 30 mm.
Cut lengths with mill edges 2.5 – 6.5 mm.

Properties of MIL A 46177 Sheet Plates

  • Mechanical Properties

Thickness(mm) Hardness(HBW) Charpy-V1), 10x10 mm test specimen2)Min. Yield Strength Rp0.2(min MPa) Tensile Strength Rm(MPa) Elongation A5(min %) Elongation A50(min %)
3.0 - 80.0 480 - 540 32 J / -400C 1250 1450 - 1750 8 10

C *)(max %) Si *)(max %) Mn *)(max %) P(max %) S(max %) Cr 1)(max %) Ni 1)(max %) Mo *)(max %) B *)(max %)
0.32 0.4 1.2 0.01 0.003 1 1.8 0.7 0.005

With such adaptable nature, 650HB MIL A 46177 Sheet Plates are ever ready to serve in the following areas that demand extreme rigour

•    EN 1522: B6 MIL A 46177 Sheet Plates are capable of providing resistance to penetration due to bullet firing by lethal weapons like AK-47, SLR Bimetallic, SLR, Sniper & Heavy Arms, INSAS, etc.

•    Armour upgrade kits for military vehicles, Targets for ordnance testing, Gun shields, military armoured personnel carriers, police and para-military equipments are manufactured from RAMOR 550 MIL A 46177 Sheet Plates.

•    Structures like Embassy buildings, banks, shelters, are built using MIL - A 46177 MIL A 46177 Sheet Plates that extend their lifespan and provide optimized solutions for combined penetration and blast protection.

•    Civilian vehicles, bank-armored vehicles, armouring side walls and floors of vehicle roofs, Lower covers placed under the crew cab of the vehicle, Passengers and cargo compartments, etc. are constructed with MIL A 46177 MIL A 46177 Sheet Plates that absorb shock and possible damage in case of bombings or accidents.

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MIL A 46177 Plate We Supply Globally :

We Supply Our MIL A 46177 Plate to various countries like Kenya, Bulgaria, Spain, Tibet, Romania, Russia, Lithuania, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Libya, Germany, Gabon, Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Bahrain, Poland, United States, Czech Republic, Denmark, Austria, Estonia, Mexico, Nigeria, Belgium, Trinidad & Tobago,Tunisia, South Korea, Bangladesh, Ghana, Indonesia, Ukraine, Australia, France, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, Italy, Puerto Rico, Belarus, Chile, Macau, Croatia, Sri Lanka, Gambia, Nepal, Mexico, Portugal, Ireland, Canada, Slovakia, Venezuela, Namibia, Israel, Norway, Angola, Finland, Greece, Netherlands, Algeria, Bolivia, Qatar, Mongolia, Brazil, Peru, Bhutan, Thailand, Switzerland, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Iran, China, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Turkey, Taiwan, Kuwait, Oman, Argentina, South Africa, Colombia, United Kingdom, Iraq, Yemen, Ecuador, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, Morocco, Malaysia, Hungary, Afghanistan, Poland, Philippines, Pakistan, Serbia.

MIL A 46177 Plate We Supply Worldwide :

We Supply Our MIL A 46177 Plate to various cities like Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Indore, Chiyoda, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, Calgary, Madrid, Ahvaz, Jaipur, Tehran, Santiago, Ranchi, Al Jubail, Petaling Jaya, Houston, Howrah, Dallas, Noida, Nashik, Ho Chi Minh City, Vadodara, Chennai, Abu Dhabi, Seoul, Ahmedabad, Melbourne, Lahore, New Delhi, London, La Victoria, Thane, Ernakulam, Perth, Hyderabad, Algiers, Gurgaon, Singapore, Toronto, Jamshedpur, Baroda, Cairo, Brisbane, Dubai, Vung Tau, Al Khobar, Manama, Sydney, Mexico City, Atyrau, Lagos, Busan, Kolkata, Mumbai, Visakhapatnam, Montreal, Caracas, Port-of-Spain, Chandigarh, Rajkot, Ankara, Dammam, Bengaluru, Geoje-si, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Secunderabad, Aberdeen, Jakarta, Riyadh, Jeddah, Hanoi, Courbevoie, Faridabad, Ulsan, Ludhiana, Thiruvananthapuram, Haryana, Kanpur, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Bogota, Edmonton, Coimbatore, Nagpur, Muscat, Los Angeles, Granada, Bhopal, Kuwait City, Surat, Istanbul, Doha, Milan, Colombo, Karachi, Sharjah, Hong Kong, New York, Gimhae-si.